We cannot graduate beyond Christ

Christ is all.

The short statement above is actually pretty heavy in reality. Think about the word all

Christ is ALL
ALL things hold together in Christ
ALL things were created through Christ
Christ is the sum of ALL spiritual things
Christ is the subject and destination of ALL scripture — both the New and Old Testament

The list above is very general and can go on forever without even nearing completion. The vastness of Christ’s riches are simply too great and too deep for any one of us to fully comprehend while on this earth. However, at the same time, Christ doesn’t present Himself as some unreachable entity. Instead He chooses to dwell inside of us and to commune with us regardless of where we are or what type of situation we’re in. He forms a relationship with us and continually reveals various aspects and depths of Himself to us. Through these revelations that He imparts to us through the Holy Spirit we grow even closer to and fall even more in love with Him.

All truth is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself is God’s answer to everything. We often get distracted by various “things” such as prophecy, social justice, outreach and Christian morals. These things CANNOT replace Christ. In fact, apart from Christ these things are worthless. Apart from Him they are not full truths.


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