Stuck in Colossians

For the past couple of weeks I have been stuck in Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Every time I open up the Bible I seem to go directly to that letter. Even when I attempt to read something else I lose focus and am quickly pulled back. Clearly there’s something in Colossians that I need a better understanding of, a revelation of Christ that’s waiting there for me. I’m just not quite sure what that is just yet.

Considering the above makes me think of something else I’ve been reading lately. I recently started reading The Temple Within by Milt Rodriguez again. The main theme in this book is fellowship with an indwelling Lord. Essentially understanding our place in Christ both individually and corporately as well as His place in the Father and in us. Something Milt mentions early in the book is our tendency to know so much about Jesus, to have a large amount of biblical knowledge, yet not truly know Christ himself.

Perhaps this is why I keep coming back to Colossians. Maybe I simply know it by memory and understand the truths in theory but I’m still missing a revelation of Jesus Christ. Head knowledge is overrated and doesn’t result in much more than being able to give quick answers to questions and debate with individuals who have a differing view and belief system than us. A revelation of Jesus Christ himself however is a whole different story. Understanding that Jesus himself is our peace, hope, joy, rock, love, salvation, patience, strength and all the other things that Christ is is something much greater.

I want to approach Colossians, and all other reading for that matter, with a search for nothing more than Christ. I don’t want to read the Bible like some blueprint, I want to read in order to allow Christ to reveal himself to me in greater and deeper ways. I want to find Him in the scriptures, not material for this blog and information that becomes useless apart from Him.



2 thoughts on “Stuck in Colossians

  1. Joseph says:

    Amen. This is a great post, Quincy. One of the most important aspects to really seeing Christ is to be emptied and unloaded from all of our concepts. Head knowledge, like you mentioned, can act as a veil that keeps us from seeing Christ. We think we already know so much, so we don’t have a deeper seeking that we need to have. Once we are truly emptied and unloaded, the Lord has a way to reveal Himself to us.

    Let me know if this helps for understanding more in the book of Colossians. It’s the subject for Colossians from the New Testament Recovery Version:

    Christ — The All-inclusive One,
    Having the First Place in All Things
    as the Mystery and Embodiment of God,
    as the Head and Constituent of the Church,
    as the Allotted Portion, Life, Constituent,
    and Hope of the Saints, and
    as the Body of All Positive Things

    Much grace to you in your studying and seeking.

    • quincyzikmund says:

      Well said Joseph, thanks. I love that last portion you wrote, it really sum things up very simply and gives a great perspective. Oh by the way, haven’t heard much from you on Twitter in while, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

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