Gift a Goat

Earlier this week I read a post on Matthew Paul Turner’s site, Jesus Needs New PR, about a program called Gift a Goat from World Vision. My assumption of what Gift a Goat was before reading the article was exactly as I thought, you can literally give the gift of a goat.

These goats go to families in places like Uganda and become a huge asset to them for a long time. Goats can produce up to 16 cups of milk per day and of course provide cheese and milk as well. Going a step further, as the goat matures and has baby goats of its own, the families are then able to sell the baby goats. Gift a Goat seems like one of the best ways to spend money this season that I’ve seen so far. With all of the Black Friday ads popping up already I have yet to see a better deal than helping to provide actual needs for a family.

As I mentioned earlier this week in my post Christmas Blog Ideas, I will talking about all sorts of Christmas related issues this season on the blog. One of the things I want to include is information about better ways to spend your money for Christmas. If you’re interested, I hope you take the time to follow the links in this post to learn more about Gift a Goat and the other various gifts you can give through World Vision. They have much more information on their site about this program than I gave you, my goal was to simply raise some awareness.

If you want to participate in the Gift a Goat program but can’t afford it all on your own I suggest splitting the cost with a few friends and/or family members. It becomes more affordable for you and even throws in some extra bonding time with people you’re close to.



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