Christmas Blog Ideas

So it’s finally start to feel like mid-November here in the Midwest, which in turn is putting me in the Christmas spirit pretty fast. Leading up to Christmas I plan on having a bunch of posts regarding various Christmas stuff. I’ve already written about what Christmas has become in our culture, basically how much of it revolves around the infectious disease of consumerism. In the same breath I mentioned how much I love Christmas and all that the winter season brings. So today I simply want to present you guys with a list of Christmas related topics that I plan to put on the blog this season.

Please note that when I use the word “alternative” I am referring to something other than the traditional status quo.

– Consumerism
– History of Christmas
– Alternative Gifts
– Alternative Ways to Celebrate
– Top Christmas Movies

To be honest I plan on writing about the negative and positive sides of Christmas. I also want to discuss the fun and light-hearted aspects of Christmas as well. As I’ve said before, I love Christmas but I also recognize all the junk that typically comes along with this busy holiday. This season I’m seeking to experience a Christmas that brings family and friends closer on a real level rather than just a superficial gift giving extravaganza. Above all else though I want to experience a Christmas where Christ is made central and is glorified higher than a fat man in a red suit. Which by the way, I plan to talk about the real Saint Nicholas as well.

The above list is far from finished. I need more suggestions about additional topics and sub-topics. Please comment below to give me some ideas so that we can find a better Christmas together. I would also love some guest bloggers on this site. If you have an idea for a post regarding these topics and want to write your own article about it please notify me either in a comment below or via twitter (@quincyzikmund) and I’ll review your post and put it up on the blog.

Thank you in advance for everybody’s help, I’m really looking forward to all of this.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Blog Ideas

  1. Amy Juarez says:

    Why dont you try instead of the traditional 12days of christmas, doing 12 random acts of kindness that cost little or no money, one per day for people. Then blog about their reactions and or the reactions of others. Maybe you can start a movement!

  2. Joseph Bonilla says:

    Hello Quincy,

    10 years ago I was told to go away from the church all together and to meet with just a small group of people who thought that they had a deeper relationship with Christ.
    While at the time I had been reading Watchman Nee for about 10 years, Sparks, Jesse Penn Lewis, Andrew Murray and so on, then I realize that I was making my own judgment about the institutional church.

    It took me while to realize that this was a lie from the devil and that I was basically dividing myself from being part of universal the body of Christ.

    I still read Watchman Nee to date , I have all his books, the same for sparks and all the
    1st century brothers but I have come to know that I the church needs me as much as I need the church….otherwise I am not growing not I am helping the body to be built up.

    Even Watchman Nee did the same when brothers of th little flock were against it….He met with Sparks and others to have fellowship and form that angle I can see that he was never divisive nor he thought that he should be all along with his church and china and ignore the rest of body in the world.

    If you think about what the Lord can do with the gifts you have to build up the church then you will realize that your thought about begin separated is more egocentric than spiritual…look at the Corinthian church…they were divided and had all the gifts but were not thinking about building up or helping the younger ones in the faith.

    At some point in your your life you will discover that reality of the body of Christ and that will bring you back to love the church, to love the bother and sisters in the church and that what you know “about the deeper truths of Christ” will not have much fruit separated from the Church but will just pull you to be more of a mystical christian rather than somebody who sees the reality of life in a practical way.

    I give you one example of a group that has gone the same way….Witness and Lee and local church movement….they have separated form the church completely to the point that they condemn other brothers and sisters for begin part of for example the
    baptists or Pentecostals.

    After more than 20 years of reading Watchman Nee, Sparks, CH MCkantosh and the rest, I can see that the purpose for me is to become more humble day by day and to not consume myself about just growing in my knowledge of things that I read but rather to practice the reality of being a christian and God wants me to be but not
    APART FROM THE CHURCH” because it could prove that I don’t love what God loves the most and that is Christ and his Bride.

    The reading has also help me undertand the reality about the world, I for one have come to the conclusion that world will try to pull me back if I don’t let go of things that I consider precious….example music….what does secular music have to do with the message of Christ…?
    You posted some secular bands you listen to: if you have died with Christ then I assume that you have died to listen to those songs that will in no way have a positive message or have to relation in a practical way with the Gospel…..

    What if you listen to Christina music 100%, the hymns are beautiful…perhaps you may have reservations about some Christians artist but still is no comparison to the spirit of the secular music.

    I started to read your blog and I think that may go for a long time missing out on the reality….

    Grace and Peace.

    Joseph B.

    • quincyzikmund says:

      Hi Joseph B,
      First off, thank you so much for you interest in this blog. Also, thank you for chiming in as well. I love when real discussions emerge from these posts.

      Regarding your point about being separated from the Church, I believe myself to be very connected. When I left the church that I grew up in about a year and half ago it wasn’t because of any offense toward leaders or other brothers and sisters. In fact before I left I even had a great discussion with one of the pastors That I greatly respect about where I felt God taking me. I’m close with many brothers and sisters in Christ that are attend traditional church services and are involved in that type of ministry. What’s beautiful is that despite our different views of church life and where God has us, we are always able to build one another up in Christ. I will admit that when I first left I was offended at the institution, but the Lord took that offense away and turned into a real love and care.

      When I left I did so to grow closer to Christ and preserve an authentic relationship with Him and other believers. I was saved and baptized through the institutional church, and I very much believe that Jesus Christ loves and uses it. He definitely used it in my life for a time but moved me on to something different. Essentially for me it all comes down to Christ being the center and in my experience lots of other things (even things) often overshadowed Christ and his eternal purpose in my life. I may sound harsh sometimes when I talk about the institutional church, and I feel like my harshness is something I always apologize for. I will always speak what I believe and what God has revealed to through his son Jesus Christ, but I also love other believers and interact with them regardless of doctrinal beliefs and church practice preferences.

      Concerning your point about music…I listen to all sorts of genres. There are many Christ centered artists that I love but there are also many with other beliefs that I enjoy as well. I don’t think these artists take anything away from Christ in my life. Unfortunately much of the Christian music industry isn’t very creative these days, even in the underground scene as well many times. But trust me, I much appreciate Christ centered music and art. Actually I would love some recommendations if you have any. I’m always looking for new music.

      Again, thank you so much for your interest and care. I look forward to talking more with you Joseph B. 🙂

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