Why I Haven’t Blogged Since Monday

This will be just a quick update for everyone who has been checking back for the follow up post to Our Death and Life in Christ as a Historical Fact: Part 1 that was posted Monday. I apologize for the delay of the post coming up. My grandpa died this week so we had the showing Wednesday and the funeral was yesterday. Liz and I spent time with family and took a little time to relax as well as I was off of work. However, the funeral was good and God was glorified in what often seems to many people to be an awful and depressing event. I even learned things about my grandpa that I never knew, which was very cool and comforting.The man who led the funeral service is a close family friend and someone who truly loves and wants to glorify Christ. He spoke about how believers should handle death differently than the rest of the world because we have the hope of glory in Christ. He quoted Paul in saying that “to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ”, I fully believe this to be true.

Death is hard for some people to handle, but it’s not an end to a long or short life. Death is the doorway to eternity, it’s a completely new beginning that will never end.

In closing, I hope to have the follow up post to Monday’s blog up soon. It may be up this afternoon, but if not I may even try to do a Saturday post. Thanks again for all your interest in this blog, I can’t wait to talk with everyone some more.


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