“What inspires you?”

This afternoon I wandered over to Frank Viola’s blog as I tend to do pretty often. His most recent blog post that he wrote today was asking people to comment about what inspires them. After some thought, I started typing out what inspires me. Below was my response to Frank’s question:

The only really inspiration I ever receive is ultimately from Christ, more specifically the things and people that He puts in my path and He Himself. My wife is a huge inspiration to me. Ever since we’ve been married I constantly learn more about Christ and His nature and love simply from living life with her. I have motivation to do things that I normally wouldn’t do because of her, which is all a result of Christ’s activity in our lives.

Another big inspiration is the endless list of books, blogs, and people I follow on twitter. Writers like Watchman Nee, T. Austin Sparks, you (frank), and ton of others have made a huge impact on my walk in Christ, for that I am very thankful. Of course as a musician I’m inspired by a huge list of bands and artists.

It’s really quite amazing to sit back and look at all of the things that inspire me to create, write, make music, and simply to live. The amazing part is the central location, or should I say person, from which all of these things come, that of course is Christ.

p.s. thanks for making me stop and think this afternoon 🙂

I would love to see what inspires you guys as well. What is it that drives you to write, create, compose, even live. I’m not one to ask for comments, but I would see what you have to say.

Click here to see Frank Viola’s original post on his blog “Reimagining Church”


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