After nearly a year of marriage…

So this Sunday will be my wife Liz and I’s one year anniversary. It’s crazy that we’ve already been married a year, but at the same time it feels like we’ve never not been married, as if we’ve been together our entire lives. Liz has been such an amazing wife and I couldn’t think of any possible way to make this last year any better, and I know that our love is only gonna grow even more every day, week, month, and year until we join our Lord when we leave this earth.

What’s amazing is how much marriage has taught me about life in Christ and our relationship with Him. All throughout the Bible we’re referred to as the bride of Christ, as the love of His life and the apple of His eye. Learning to love the way I have in the last year has revealed Christ’s pure love and heart for us, His bride, more so than before. It’s helped me to understand a little more the desire Christ has to dwell with us and to fellowship with us. I’ve seen first hand what it really means to share one life with someone, and all that we’ve seen and learned in our first year of marriage, and all that we will learn until we die, is merely a shadow of our marriage to Christ, because we will never fully grasp the all of the vast depths of Christ. I’m so thankful for the glimpse and the portion that I have been given.

There is an amazing purpose and an overwhelming love and desire that is in the heart of our savior. I am extremely thankful that God has seen it fit to use marriage as a tool in our life together to reveal His amazing son to us in ways that we may have never seen any other way. I’m extremely stoked on the purpose that has been in the heart of God since before time began, that He sees fit to show us through our life together in marriage and in the community He has placed us in, which is “…Christ in you, the hope of glory”


4 thoughts on “After nearly a year of marriage…

  1. Liz Zikmund says:

    I love you!

  2. the Mrs. says:

    just wanted to say congratulations on your anniversary! may your marriage continue to be blessed 🙂

    ~cheers with wine~

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