God doesn’t want to visit us…

Yes, the title statement is true…it’s not just an attention getter 🙂

God does not want a place where He can visit, He wants a home to dwell in.

I can remember times when I was involved in a worship band and other various ministries and we would all pray before an event or meeting or service. We would ask God’s presence to meet with us, and we would ask for Him to visit. We would proceed with our ministry and lead other believers into the presence of God.

Now, I believe at that time we were all genuine in what we were doing and truly wanted to glorify Jesus Christ and fellowship with Him, but I now understand that in many ways, though our hearts were right, our minds were wrong. And I believe this a very common misunderstanding within the Body of Christ, in both individual and corporate life. The mindset that God visits us is basically saying that God is a distant being who doesn’t dwell inside of us, yes, in the old covenant God dwelt in one place only and only one person per year could go into His presence. But are no longer under the old covenant, Jesus did away with this and He now (literally, not just theoretically) dwells in you and I both corporately and individually.

We like to feels things, if we can feel something and see something then we know it’s real, but God’s presence is there (wherever we are) regardless of how we “feel”. You don’t need to go to a special building anymore, for “God will no longer dwell in temples built by man”. We are the temple and we are His body, Jesus is living and active in us. How much longer will we waste our time begging to meet with us? Please realize who you! In our flesh we’re unworthy to have 24/7 access to the God of all creation…BUT WE’RE NOT IN OUR FLESH IF WE ARE IN CHRIST! And if we are in Christ, He is in us. Please take this before God, this a huge and very unnoticed issue in the Body, and we are all guilty of this mindset I believe at one time or another.Christ must be our life, not just part of it.

God does not want a place where He can visit, He wants a home to dwell in.


2 thoughts on “God doesn’t want to visit us…

  1. Joyce Ablog says:

    This is truly a Holy Spirit-inspired post! My heart NEEDS to be a place in which He can dwell…and not in a place where He is ‘tripping over’ the clutter, the garbage that I just ‘keep around’ thinking that I will ‘get to it later’. Thank you for your heart and your obedience to write this! All I can say is God Bless you, my friend!

    • quincyzikmund says:

      Sorry I took so long to respond to this…I’ve really been slacking! haha
      You’re right on though, thanks for your thoughts, I’d love to see more of them around these parts 🙂

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